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Sunbathing Seals

Sunbathing Seals

One of the my favorite things do along the beach is combing the tide pools. On this day we were greeted by a number of seals. Although we were quite close to them, they just couldn’t be bothered. Follow my camping adventures here.

What do you think?

I picture this as an interactive site so I highly encourage others to pitch in with their thoughts, comments, opinions and photos. For example there will be times when I recommend something but it no longer exists (restaurants comes to mind.) And at other times friends from different parts of the world can give their … Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to my new travel blog site! In the upcoming weeks and months I’ll slowly be filling this site with the places I’ve been and of course with tons of photos I took. Quite often I’ll give detailed info or tips. Commonly friends will use my stories to plan for their trips. At other times … Continue reading