Thailand equals Food

Let me get this out of the way immediately… from my experience no matter who visits Thailand the first thing they miss after the trip is the food. Yes with all the cheap shopping, nightlife, etc…. it comes down to the food. Why do you think you see a Thai restaurant on just about every block in any metropolitan city in the world (granted 90% of them are probably crap to me)? Yes (real) Thai food is incomparable. The latest trend I noticed in Thailand is the proliferation of Thai cooking schools.

Below I compiled many of the food related photos I took from this last trip. I frequently list tips and dish names so you know what to look for on your next trip here. The photos are laid out sequentially (as in all the Thailand blog posts) so you’ll get the whole story if you start with the first photo. Click on the image to enlarge with captions. Feel free to make comments, ask questions or need directions.

If you have not seen my previous pages on my recent Thailand trip, click on any of the following: Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai.

For the Adventurous…

So you just flew into town after a 20+ hour flight. You probably awoke from your slumber in your generic hotel room at 4 or 5am and you can’t get back to sleep. You’re jetlagged. You’re in a strange land. What can one do to cure this chronobiological problem? Don’t ask me I’m no doctor. But I do have tips on taking advantage of this situation. One of my favorite things to do is to go to a nearby open market, sometimes called a wet market or “ta-lat” in Thai, where the hustle and bustle happens in the early hours. My favorite place to go is the traditional open market located at Lumpini Park (the Central Park of Bangkok). Here you can watch locals haggling over produce, live crabs trying to make a run for it, groups doing Tai Chi and others having breakfast. This is a way to hit the ground running when you first arrive in Bangkok. Some may balk at this culture shock.

Or Tor Kor Market aka Millionaire’s Market

Here’s a super clean take on a talat (traditional market.) Or Tor Kor is located next to the famed Chatuchak Market (a great shopping destination that will be covered on a future trip) and is easily accessible via the MTS (underground train.) The reason it’s also known as a millionaire’s market is because you can find many items that might be out of season (fruits and vegetables) and hard to find elsewhere. Therefore things can be pricier here than elsewhere. But for the average western tourist it’s still a relative bargain.

For the Real Adventurists: Street Food

Get your Pepto-Bismol (preferably tablet variety) or your favorite diarrhea meds in hand because this is not for the weak stomached. But to get the real flavor (pun intended) of Thailand you need to hit the streets. No white table clothed eateries here. At best you’re looking at colorful cheap plastic stools and a flimsy metal table. At worst it’s walking food. My secret to good Thai food: The nicer the eatery, the worst the food. As a benefit it will also cost less.

Other Food Related Images

Here’s a random sampling of food related images I took in Bangkok.

Chiang Mai

Located in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand. Like it’s surroundings it has a different food vibe compared to Bangkok. It has it’s own regional specialties not easily found in the capital city (and vice versa). With it’s slower lifestyle and tempered climate many restaurants are also open aired.


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