Alcatraz aka The Rock

Here’s the thing about Alcatraz. I’m a SF native but this past Saturday was my first time to the rock. You know how it goes, locals quite often do not see the sights in their own backyard. As much as I do explore in my area there’s very few places left that I haven’t seen nearby. I still have to go whale watching and Baker Beach (well maybe I’ll pass on the nude beach for now.)

I didn’t have high expectations of Alcatraz seeing that this is such a tourist attraction. But my company had an extra ticket for this excursion. The leftover is from a group trip for our German partner office. Anyhow the weather was perfect and at the very least I was looking forward to the beautiful views of the Bay Area from the ferry boat. Little did I know I was in for a real treat. The audio tour around the jail cells was excellent and who knew that the gardens around the island was in full bloom. This really added color to the grey concrete buildings. The local birds is in nesting mode so there’s lots of wildlife all around too. All in all a highly recommend trip for tourists and locals alike.

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