Postcards from Eastern Europe – Budapest

I saved my favorite city of this trip for last. Budapest is a sort of bridge between eastern and western Europe. It still has the traditions of the old world and the amenities of the modern world. It also seems to have an inferiority complex with its neighbor Vienna. Throughout it’s history it ha tried to equal or outdo its neighbor with its museums, palaces, and cafe culture. It’s sort of like Avis rental. It tries harder. Because of the eastern/western bridge, it seems to embody the best of both worlds.

Click on the images to enlarge.

The metro system isn’t as precise or polished as Vienna but it works well and often. Watch out for the super fast escalators that take you deep into the bowels of the metro tunnels.

One of my favorite destinations in Budapest the the famed Central Market. Built in the late 1800’s it’s the largest indoor market in the city. This isn’t just a tourist destination, locals also do their shopping here so great local items can be found at very reasonable prices.

Inside the Central Market. Beautiful iron and glass architecture surrounds you.

You have to like heavy meat and potato dishes in this part of the world. I’m not sure if there are vegetarians here.

Here’s a local bread I found at an Easter festival. Not sure the name of it but the dough is rolled onto a roller. After it’s cooked (grilled?) you’re asked what flavor you would like. They roll the cooked dough onto your favorite topping. In our case cinnamon & sugar. This was very yummy.
Does anyone know the name of this delicious bread?
I am told it’s called Kurtos Kalac or chimney cake.

St Stephen’s Cathedral. This beautiful gothic church is known for its tiled roof.

Architectural details abound in this city. In this photo just outside the famed New York Cafe. See my cafe entry for more details on New York Cafe

Here’s a great example of why I love Budapest. This is inside the beautiful Opera House. You get a great cultural treat at a fraction of the Euro costs. In this case my seat cost about $2.30

Another of the must do in this city…. the famous Thermal Baths. The architecture seems more like nod to the gods of water. The saying goes that you can dig a hole anywhere in the city and you will hit a thermal spring


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