Postcards from Eastern Europe – Vienna

Not technically Eastern Europe, Vienna can be called Central Europe by some. But for the sake of my trip lets say it is. I didn’t really spend much time outside of the touristy areas so unlike the other cities I visited on this trip, I didn’t get to see the local’s slice of life. For those familiar with San Francisco, it’s like spending time in Union Square, Fisherman’s Wharf & a bit of North Beach areas. It’s quite a departure (a bit of culture shock for me) from the other third world-like cities that I visited in that modern conveniences are everywhere. Examples are free wifi, Gucci and other high end stores, trains are timed to the minute and everyplace is generally very clean but it oozes old world charm. A negative for Vienna is that it’s also the most expensive city I visited. For me the highlights were the statues everywhere and the Easter Market or Oster Markt as the locals call it. Unfortunately it rained a bit in this city and it got plenty cold in the evenings.

I recommend clicking the images to enlarge so the details can be seen clearly.

At the Hofburg Palace. Buildings with statues are a common sight

Amazing how lifelike the statues are. And to think it was carved from a large rock or marble. This guy seems pissed

“Can’t touch this…” This guy was doing it long before MC Hammer

Shoplifters will be beaten

The amount of detail everywhere is just amazing. I saw this in a building corridor. They don’t make them like they used to

These fast food stands are everywhere. No I didn’t try it

I don’t think there are vegetarians in Eastern Europe. It’s all about meat and potatoes

They take Easter seriously in Austria (& Budapest). I saw this at the Easter Market. Unfortunately they take Easter so seriously all the shops were closed on Sunday

Yes real eggs, yes handmade and yes these have cut outs. Just beautiful!


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