Postcards from Eastern Europe – Mostar

Now reporting from a very cosmopolitain Budapest.

Mostar…..there’s no getting around it but this is the saddest place I’ve ever visited. No it’s not depressing because all around there’s reconstruction going on albeit at a snails pace. This city was one of  the hardest hit by the ethnic and religious violence that rocked the country back in the early 90’s.

Click on the images to enlarge.

The main landmark is the Old Bridge (aka Stari Most). This also signifies the division of the two main ethnic groups in the city.

Abandoned buildings damaged from the war dot the city landscape. This one got a direct hit from canon fire. The smaller marks are either from gun fire or shrapnel

Quite often you’ll see war torn buildings next to rebuilt buildings. Quite a contrast.

A real fixer-upper.

Souvenirs from the old Yugoslavian army can be found everywhere

Food is good and very affordable. This stuffed calamari dish cost less than $10.

Now I know why espresso comes in small cups. Ever sucked in charcoal?


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