Postcards from Eastern Europe – Dubrovnik

Sorry for the delay on getting the posts going. I was offline for awhile because of the lack of free internet in Dubrovnik. Currently I’m reporting from Medjugorje, Bosnia/Herzegovina. Surprisingly this one horse town does have free WiFi.

The first part of the trip spent in picturesque Dubrovnik in Croatia located along the Adriatic Sea.

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Medjugorje, Mostar, Sarajevo, Vienna, Budapest, great cafes.

Click on the images to enlarge.

Inside the Old Town of Dubrovnik

View of Old Town Dubrovnik taken from the top of the city walls. I wish I had a monopoly on the red roof tile business


My favorite image of the old town. Relaxing at a cafe in one of the many alleys. Notice the lanterns. It’s used as cafe or store signs.

Dubrovnik Flags

I call this: “The many flags of Dubrovnik”. It’s ubiquitous everywhere. Just don’t be under them when they’re being put out.

Another View of Old Dubrovnik

Another view of old Dubrovnik. Wow!


I spent two nights at the local Hilton. The building was originally built in 1895 but is completely modern inside (except no wifi!)

This is how I picture myself


I did have a chance to see the local areas of town. Apparently it doesn’t matter how you park as long as you’re some-what in your parking spot.


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