Sunday at Playland

What is Playland (at the Beach)? Before my time it was a beachfront amusement park on the edge of San Francisco. Think Coney Island or the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. This was back in the days when frolicking on beach was super popular in the US. We’re talking way back in the depression years.

Playland at the Beach in its hayday

This past Sunday I spent some time at the SF Conservatory of Flowers where they are having a special exhibit called Playland at the Conservatory. It’s a miniature reproduction of the seaside amusement park. It even has some of the actual arcade machines. Not sure of the connection between the flower conservatory and Playland other than both were around at the same time. Unfortunately only one of the two survived.

This is just creepy looking. This can be a miniature set of a horror flick

The funhouse.....of horror!

Iconic streetcars of San Francisco

Looks like a scene from Mr. Rogers tv show

This is a recreation of the buffalo paddock in Golden Gate Park. Yes there's buffalo in SF today!

I wish.....I was "Big"

Hmmm... I always wanted to be taller

And yes there are flowers at the Conservatory of Flower. Wait a sec., is this a flower or a monkey face?

Can you guess what kind of flower this is?

What do you see?

I highly recommend visiting this little gem if you're ever in SF


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