Eastern Europe….here I come!

Eastern Europe today? ....nah

Currently planning on visiting Croatia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Budapest & possibly Vienna during March/April. I’m not quite sure what to expect but I heard good things about the these “less” developed or more traditional areas of Europe. For some reason I picture the old iron curtain images of the areas but I’m sure things are much better now.

<Update> here’s an interesting tidbit I found while reading about Bosnia:

WARNING: Be aware that due to the constant landmine threat it is better not to leave the paved road, even for a pee-break in areas where you are not familiar with.

I have taken a peek at images of what to expect. I just hope I don’t bump into tons of McDonald’s & Starbucks. That would literally put a bad taste in my mouth.

Anyone been there yet? Any tips?

Eastern Europe


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