End of the Year at Paso Robles

Winery sign at Paso Robles

Just got back from a now annual trip to Paso Robles area to celebrate the New Years or more like celebrate the end of the year. This is a major wine region located on the central coast of California next to San Luis Obispo. The movie “Sideways” with Paul Giamatti was also filmed here. Yes I live not far from the famous Napa Valley so why am I so attracted to this distant location (about 3hrs away)? Paso Robles is less touristy, friendlier, more affordable, closer to the beaches, and has great wines. From my 2 days/1 night in the region, I managed to find a few gems. I found a great winery: Villa Creek winery, a great restaurant: Il Cortile, and a real nice bakery with great scones: Two Little Birds Bakery. I think there’s enough good places to eat and window shop in town to keep my busy for 2 days max. Not quite up to snuff to Napa standards but not bad. The other draw is Morro Bay which is  a beautiful little town on the coast. A favorite store of my wife and I is The Garden Gallery.

Susy trying a flight of Rose

After tasting close to thirty wines, I think I’m taking a little break from wine drinking… maybe for a week.

I'm demonstrating the correct technique of wine tasting at Midnight Cellar.


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